Hi, I'm Paras Dahal.

I am currently a machine learning engineer and applied researcher at Pioneer, an early stage venture fund and accelerator where we discover and invest in the most exceptional founders worldwide.

I obtained my graduate degree in machine learning from University of Amsterdam in 2022. During my studies, I worked as a research intern on NLP for Life Sciences at Elsevier. In 2021 I founded Docdown, a document automation software which was acquired by GetBusy PLC (LON:GETB). Prior to this, I worked in a machine learning role at CustomerGlu and the SQL Engine team at Microsoft.

My interests and research are around fundamental problems in machine learning including efficient representation learning, uncertainity quantification and model-based reinforcement learning.

I share my working notes on a wide range of topics in AI and ML (1000+) over at Notes On AI. I also publish long form articles with lots of maths and code here on my blog. Here's the latest article:

You can also find me on Twitter / Github / Google Scholar . To get in touch, feel free to email me.